Our people

Achieving our strategic priorities

Achievement of our strategic priorities is dependent upon our ability to attract, develop, motivate and retain talented employees. To facilitate this, our objectives are:

  • to create an environment where employees are well motivated and have a strong belief in the Group, its strategy and its core values;
  • the retention and development of our people who are critical to the business;
  • well constructed and fair reward systems which incentivise superior performance and align employees' and shareholders' interests;
  • to ensure continual improvement of the skills and competency of our employees at all levels and across all disciplines;
  • to match the right people to the right roles and take action where there are gaps; and
  • to empower our people to maximise their potential.

Key to our achievement of these objectives is:

  • regular and effective communication;
  • a clear, performance orientated appraisal and remuneration process; and
  • a structured staff development and training programme.

Our team

Our team brings together specialist skills used to manage our portfolio on a building by building basis to ensure the achievement of our strategic priorities.

Our team - chart

Investment management

Our Investment Management team are responsible for sourcing new assets through acquisition or the creation of new joint venture arrangements. They also generate, report on and execute strategies for existing assets within the portfolio, including hold/sell decisions working closely with the Asset Managers and Development Managers in respect of the individual asset business plans. During the year, our Head of Investment Management joined the Executive Committee as Investment Director and an additional Investment Manager was recruited to help to seek out and evaluate suitable investment propositions.